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(Verse 1)

The curb is lined with broken homes
And like so many folks I've come to know
It's either pain in the heart or pain in the dome
Cause daddy can't seem to love mama no more
How is that a fact?
How did our parents go back on that solemn pact?
How could they?
How could they not love us back?
How can we find love if it's what they lack?
I'm in constant fear of a heart attack
So bring the parties back
Bring the parties back
Don't let me feel that
Don't let me feel that
Don't let me feel that
I'm not depressed
Just a little stressed I guess
It's been bugging me since I could say stressed
And I confess
I wonder, you know?


You know (x2)


You know (x9)
I know it too
Is it you,
Or is it me?
Is this life just misery?
I can't see
'Tween the lines
So I'm stuck here every time
Lost my mind,
You know
You know
You know
Lost my mind,
You know
You know
You know

(Verse 2)

I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you
What my parents did had no effect on me
Fooled ya
And 5 ex girlfriends
I haven't known love since I was age 10
Holding hands in the train station
And our first kiss on the way back in
We were more than friends
I figured I'd keep ya till the end
Date after date, time followed time
5 years passed and you were still mine
Everything was great,
Everything was fine
But like I said, time will follow time
And just as my parents showed me
Endings are never happy
I remember how it goes
But I wonder, ya know?




from Burn 'Em​/​You Know, released September 26, 2014



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Young Copper Los Angeles, California

I make music.

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