Too Damn Proud

by Young Copper

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It all adds up

There's a certain curtain you pull over your eyes
When you choose to despise and plot for demise
When your lies and your ties and your well runs dry
And you're only choice left is to pray to the sky like
God, where did I go wrong?
Why is copper physically able to sing this song?
I hate him, he's a nobody, he shoulda died in that crash
I know that's brash, but god I just don't have a chance
Just make things alright, she says in her bed
She won't sleep tonight, those thought in her head
She's losing it, because she's dreading me
She's hating me
But I'm prayin for her
Even though I know she's not prayin for me

You see in life, there are no seconds for second impressions
The mark you leave stays from the very beginning of legend
We decided to end it, with me left dead ended
But I do believe in breaking down useless fences
There's no road I won't attempt to venture
There's no need to start the engine, well take this one on foot
So read all your books,
My life is worth a first and second look
I know you're took
My smile is crook
But I'm one happy motherfucker if you'll be my cook
Fuck me good
Smoke this kush
And just lie and look
At the stars above
Cause they glow for us
Lets fly to Venus and get blown off the stardust

Hip hop is my love now
No more playin around
I'm in it till I'm six feet under ground
Pound for pound
They say I'm too loud
Don't fucking turn me down
I'm Mikey B, Eddie danger, copper the motherfucking hound
And I'm new to this crowd
But I'm too damn proud
To back down
I'm claimin this entire town
Entire time laughin like a clown
But not quite as crazy
So get used to me, I'm loving this life
Your knife, it ain't sharper than my mad scientist mind
Peep me surfing and cursin the timeline
Photobombing pictures from 1889


released August 16, 2013
Produced by Young Copper
Pad Loop: XRay731
Vocal Chop Loop: Kate Chism
Vocals (Written and Performed By): Young Copper



all rights reserved


Young Copper Los Angeles, California

I make music.

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