A Haunting in Southern California

by Young Copper

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Recorded about a month ago, but I never got around to releasing it, SO HERE'S ANOTHER RANDOM TRACK.


It's like
Everydays another game of chase
Another girl, another time, another place
Another beginner's game
Another endless marathon of Groundhog Day
(Uh, the stop button is right next to play)
But I can't find the chasers
I can't wash the feeling of you from my tasters
I can't place this
Feeling of wasted
That you bring about whenever you're around my pasted
Cut copy, wannabe rappin ass
Failin at rappin fast
Like damn you're rappin gas
Where's the spark man, where's the fire, where's the blaze?
You sounding like you trapped in a daze
Or maybe a maze, where's my Ariadne?
This path is getting rocky
My words are getting sloppy
No energy to be cocky
Just enough energy for me

And it's like
I can still hear the dogs barkin'
Feelin' like Tony Stark, cold iron walkin
They're chompin at the bits while i keep snarkin
Sharkin, blood in the water
Amanda's off to Oregon my brothers past Nevada
Brooke's goin north
And I'm still here, wondering where ill be
Maybe in a year or three
Strike down the dates
Scribble out the memories
Restart the scene
And reset the scenery
I miss that energy
Off wondering who I will be
Who will I be?
A bum maybe?
Or will I have a multi platinum selling cd?
I dunno, peep the DVD
And fast forward past year nineteen


released August 15, 2013
Produced by Young Copper
Bass Loop: Loop Freak
Bell Loop: 40A
Vocals (Written and Performed by): Young Copper
Loops courtesy of looperman.com



all rights reserved


Young Copper Los Angeles, California

I make music.

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