The Golden State is Gone

by Young Copper

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released September 13, 2013




all rights reserved


Young Copper Los Angeles, California

I make music.

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Track Name: End to End (Feat. Stacey)
I love you so
But tell me where in the world did all the gold go?
Where in the world did all the love go?
It's like we're being eaten alive here, so
I hate you so
Where in the world did the golden state go?
What happened to the streets covered in gold?
Where in the world are we supposed to go
From here?
Is the answer really that clear?
Is the answer even out there?
No difference to me, I ain't wasting my years
Hunting for the answer to all my fears
That isn't life
That isn't what it's about
It's about being found underground
And clawing your way up till you can look around
And be astounded
Dumbfounded in fact
Struck with the idea that the answer is wack
So fuck it, there is no turning back
There is no way to get our gold back
But the golden state is gone and it's on the attack

It's been a pleasure serving you,
These past 19, almost 20 years
Damn has it really been that long?
It feels like just yesterday we were fallin
Both off swings, and for bitches callin us baby
Like we're going to there for an eternity
And you know what? It felt like reality
Like no one could stop me
Or her, like Clyde and Bonnie
I know that comparison is overdone
But it's accurate to my situation
I figured we'd die together
Maybe by the gun
I dunno, but it was fun
And if I could I live it again
But that isn't life, like I said before
We have to grow and become who we are
From the fucked up, the bitchy, the crazy and the drunk
To the cool, the collected, the sober and the calm
These songs are for you, keep doin what you do,
Make a little cash, and live a little, dude
It's all about the journey, that's the wisest shit I know
So just go for it, brah
Track Name: A Haunting in Southern California
It's like
Everydays another game of chase
Another girl, another time, another place
Another beginner's game
Another endless marathon of Groundhog Day
(Uh, the stop button is right next to play)
But I can't find the chasers
I can't wash the feeling of you from my tasters
I can't place this
Feeling of wasted
That you bring about whenever you're around my pasted
Cut copy, wannabe rappin ass
Failin at rappin fast
Like damn you're rappin gas
Where's the spark man, where's the fire, where's the blaze?
You sounding like you trapped in a daze
Or maybe a maze, where's my Ariadne?
This path is getting rocky
My words are getting sloppy
No energy to be cocky
Just enough energy for me

And it's like
I can still hear the dogs barkin'
Feelin' like Tony Stark, cold iron walkin
They're chompin at the bits while i keep snarkin
Sharkin, there's blood in the water
Amanda's off to Oregon my brothers past Nevada
Brooke's goin north
And I'm still here, wondering where ill be
Maybe in a year or three
Strike down the dates
Scribble out the memories
Restart the scene
And reset the scenery
I miss that energy
Off wondering who I will be
Who will I be?
A bum maybe?
Or will I have a multi platinum selling cd?
I dunno, peep the DVD
And fast forward past year nineteen
Track Name: Somebody to Love (with Jefferson Airplane)
First love, that shit exist
But why we gotta persist
Second love, third love
Love itself is just nonsense
It blinds you from ambition
Deters you from common sense
Plus the money you spend on those biches?
How the fuck you gonna to pay rent
Nah, that dough you made is for you
No law that says I gotta buy you and goddamn food
Always Show love to your brothas tho
One good homie is more genuine than a hundred hoes but shit

Trust no bitch, keep your shit
Roll that j, take that hit
Yeah, I'm a little bit selfish at heart
But with the brothers barterings art
A smoke for some percs, Bert
Some pills for a dab
A stoge for some smoke blowin
You know Ill roll that shit up fat
But man I think its a fact
it's time we start showin that
we as a team can really drop bombs on track
With no bitches left to slow and stop our attack
So lets get down, fuck around
blow the whole sky off this fuckin town

So are drugs fun? Figure it out
(So are drugs fun?) Up to you
Spend a day just trippin out
Staring at some light up shoes
Bump some Mac miller
Feel those cold shivers
Open you mind to places
you never hearda
Take a mental break
This world is out to kill ya
just do what we do
And abuse the tools around ya
Love is a drug,
But don't get it twisted
Let her back in your life
And you might never break addiction
Track Name: Glorified Pavement
Look down,
Now look up
Do you believe what your eyes have put before ya?
Or do you see more beyond your corneas
It's boring,
Living life in the normal
These typical hypocrites can't envision the images
And The universe expands, yet we stand too fuckin still
Hold fast to old beliefs, refuse to accept that
Things may be different than a first chance glance
Just lay back and watch the stars dance
Up there, we don't matter
It's all just scattered dark matter
So do we matter?
Or all we all just hatters
Gone mad with the frustration
Of never knowing creation
Bastards sons of anti satan
Born in a nation of glorified pavement

Dear god, what's your philosophy? Are humans just slaves to their own hypocrisy?
What's left when all my classmates are deadbeats
Those future doctors still stuck in repeat

I can't do it, end up like that
I wanna nap my ass on a yacht
Live like rap icons
Brotha get your bite on

EP dropped today and nobody bought it
But I'm fuckin satisfied with my own product
A production of self,
My musical health
My thoughts in a bar
Production on par
And I'm doing it all solo flight
I'm done with the fights,
This music is mine
Don't deter me from what I create
I threw a basset hound on a shirt, so what, it's fucking great
I do this for me, fuck bitches
While your in the hamptons I'm out back diggin ditches
But not for long
I'm smarter than you think,
Don't look at it wrong
So red alert mothafucka
Watch out, get down
Eddie danger, copperama is comin to town (AYAH)
And I guarantee that when I'm on the top
My fam, my friends, and myself will be takin care of

Dear god, what's your philosophy? Are humans just slaves to their own hypocrisy?
What's left when all my classmates are deadbeats
Those future doctors still stuck in repeat

I can't do it, end up like that
I wanna nap my ass on a yacht
Live like rap icons
Brotha get your bite on

Yep, yep...
Track Name: Too Damn Proud
It all adds up

There's a certain curtain you pull over your eyes
When you choose to despise and plot for demise
When your lies and your ties and your well runs dry
And you're only choice left is to pray to the sky like
God, where did I go wrong?
Why is copper physically able to sing this song?
I hate him, he's a nobody, he shoulda died in that crash
I know that's brash, but god I just don't have a chance
Just make things alright, she says in her bed
She won't sleep tonight, those fuckin thoughts in her head
She's losing it, because she's dreading me
She's hating me
But I'm prayin for her
Even though I know she's not prayin for me

You see in life, there are no seconds for second impressions
The mark you leave stays from the very beginning of legend
We decided to end it, with me left dead ended
But I do believe in breaking down useless fences
There's no road I won't attempt to venture
There's no need to start the engine, well take this one on foot
So read all your books,
My life is worth a first and second look
I know you're took
My smile is crook
But I'm one happy motherfucker if you'll be my cook
Fuck me good
Smoke this kush
And just lie and look
At the stars above
Cause they glow for us
Lets fly to Venus and get blown off the stardust

Hip hop is my love now
No more playin around
I'm in it till I'm six feet under ground
Pound for pound
They say I'm too loud
Don't fucking turn me down
I'm Mikey B, Eddie danger, copper the motherfucking hound
And I'm new to this crowd
But I'm too damn proud
To back down
I'm claimin this entire town
Entire time laughin like a clown
But not quite as crazy
So get used to me, I'm loving this life
Your knife, it ain't sharper than my mad scientist mind
Peep me surfing and cursin the timeline
Photobombing pictures from 1889
Track Name: Golden State Blues (Feat. Katie Bregman)
You look down at the floor
You tell me you don't wanna see the shore anymore
You tell me you just want to get out, to start over
To give yourself another look over
And that's cool boo, it's what we all need
We can't spend our whole lives beneath this heat
But I am filled with greed,
because with you leaving
I'm losing something in me
That Novacaine, that painkiller that food for the soul
That feeling of wanting someone that you don't want at all
And I don't know it's true
But fuck it I miss feelin' you
we can finally kick it in the same damn room
Without me wanting to straight get up and move
And now you're moving
So ill admit it to you, this is the truth
It's really my fault things stopped being coo

Fast forward maybe just a year or two
Maybe ill finally be drivin' that fancy ass coupe
And you
I think you'll be doin' just fine
You're always my proof that past time
Doesn't shape minds
Or create who you are
Or dictate your decisions
Or fuck with your heart
You're strong
You always have been
And if you can make it this far
I doubt that you'll give in
Now, so it's time to really throw down
To show the world that you're standing your ground
And you won't back down from any bitch
Who's callin' you out
Shit, I don't even think you'll hear this track
But it took me a year to figure out how to write you back
So, What's said is said
I can't guarantee that shit ahead
Will be easy
Good luck with whatever comes next
Track Name: SYIH (Feat. Crown the Jester)
It's so damn crazy how the future can claim us
Maim us or tame us
Defame us
or make us
And it's heinous
But for me it's painless
Here in my own personal place of
My thought, my actions
And my reactions and madness
Our planless faction is
Standing at attention
Its America's youth at their damn best
We got our own damn rifles to our chest
Here in the land god prolly decided to forget
Decided to regret
To give up breaking a sweat
Well, ive decided it's time for a reset
This system has nothing left
It's busted, and broken, and shattered and dead
Yet they can't seem to get it through their fucking heads
Those cranky ass old men,
Need to go the fuck to bed
So cling to your old beliefs, I'm over it
So fucking over it
No, not ducking
Fucking autocorrect

I'll see you in hell bitch, I'll see you in hell

In this country today
It's all about the game,
Don't get played
You betta get a job, you betta get paid
Succeed, start a business, proceed to get laid
Consider this my small business loan
I'm building my empire from the comfort of my home
Because I'm grown
I ain't a fuckin' kid no more
The world is at my floor
And I'm standing on top like I'm king of the core
And the crust
Look under my eyes, this shit is starting to rust
It's like fuck the world, fuck the world, bust and bust
You pigs are just tryin to get a nut
Im fuckin here tryin to pick myself up
From ashes to ashes
Between clashes and clashes
Flashes of madness coupled with a bit of radness
Some breaking badness
That Walter mentality
Fatality fatality
That's all I see
Whenever I make the mistake of turning on the tv
Seeing the face of reality on-
Shit, what is it? Oh yeah.
Track Name: The 405 (Feat. Lynzi Stringer)
So much love from a place so cold
Or at least that's what I've always been told
Out in California you sell your soul
Well I mean, I've still got ahold
Of my own mind, of my own choices
Keep screaming lies, I can't hear your voices
Because even with it's faults, and broke as fuck economy
Even with the fact that you can't get a fuckin job for free
This place is me, at least it made me
How could I ever hate the place that raised me?
Who I am and who I want to be
Doesn't really matter currently
As long as I'm in Cali
And the sun is shinin
And the smoke is flyin
High in the sky? Ill be your pilot
We can fry it, we can lie it
Down on the beach, starin' at the pacific

So lets hop on the 14, cruise the 5
Roll top down on the 405
Hit up Santa Monica, head over to third street
Roll down to Venice and smoke some weed
Yo Kray, fuck the freeway
Lets take Tahunga the entire way
Take in that canyon smog, nothing better
May sound shitty to you but to me it's heaven
Los Angeles, the city of saints
The city of sinners and the city of complaints
The city of I know I can but you know you can't
It can be shitty, if you look at it that way
But on my side of things, there's nothing betta
So stop being lame and enjoy the adventure
There ain't another place quite like California
Thank god I wasn't born somewhere like Minnesota

This is home, ain't nothing like it
This is home, ain't nothing like it
This is home, ain't nothing like it
This is home
This is home, it always has been
All I know, I've learned from lessons
This is home, always has been
This is home, this is home
This is home
No matter how far you run
This is home
No matter how far you think you're gone
This is home
Why pretend you don't love this place?
This is home
Stop trying to hide your face
This is home
Never forget that shit
This is home
Never forget that shit
This is home
This is home