Stranger Tides

by Young Copper

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First studio album.
I put my heart and soul into this one guys, and I did it for you all to enjoy.
So, ya know, enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who showed some love and support. Couldn't have done it without you guys. An extra special thanks to How.words and the guys at


released April 1, 2014

Executive Producer: Young Copper
Written by: Young Copper
Vocals by: Young Copper



all rights reserved


Young Copper Los Angeles, California

I make music.

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Track Name: IAM
Verse 1:
Look at me, tell me what you see
I am just a man with some fucked up dreams
I ain't ever do a thing that I didn't mean
I ain't ever said shit that wasn't clean
I do this for me
All the lyrics and the rhymes and these dope ass beats
All the struggles and the trials are on this sheet
All the time and the effort I put in to be
Some kind of somebody in this industry
I could give a fuck about my music bein free
Spittin lines of some darker times is me
myself and Irene
I ain't no star, Jim Carrey
Comma rap, YMCMB
With a hot ass bitch, Drew Barry
More, oh you want more huh

I am Young Copper

Verse 2:
I'm an enigma, wake up not knowin me
Never done a show guess that makes me lazy
Dreams about some big ass mansion all hazy
All these people in my ear are makin me crazy
"Oh you're never gonna do it
Better get a job or you'll never be shit
Follow what we say boy we all been through it
Why don't you stop doin what you're doin and just give it
Huh? I ain't giving up shit
All I love in this world is this weed and my music
All I need in this world is for you to stop saying shit
Before I lose it
Telling me my dreams are fucking useless
Tellin me my lyrics are just whiny bullshit
Did you forget? You words don't mean shit to me
Did you forget who the fuck is on this beat?


I am (Young Copper)

Track Name: Tabs/Ladies/T.T.S.
Back to black
Blow fatter sacks
Take all the dabs
Drop all the tabs
Girls, you want in the back
Please show your rack
Ill hashtag that
I don't give a fuck if it's blue or red
I don't give a shit if we in a bed
you must be outta your fuckin head
Thinkin we gonna keep doin this, baby we are dead
Ready to load cannons
People these days so quick to load handguns
Bank robbers dreams, Dillinger on the run
We all get so sick of bein broke as fuck
Crime becomes an option
Almost more worth it than four years of college
Now tell me, Isn't that ironic?
Live fast die young, supersonic

Fuck a day job fuck a day job
Poverty blows I want all the top notch
Expensive tastes still got me lock jawed
Gritting my teeth like a diamond skill saw
Roll it in the raw
Medical user gotta knock the pain off
Copper, what's been ailin ya?
You gettin angrier with each time I visit ya
Let me help ya start over
Let me help ya start over
Why don't you just get over
Is it something I said?
Is it something you did?
Stop askin shit
God dammit, Stop askin shit

Can you hear me
Through the static
I been feelin so damn charismatic
Can you hear me
Through the static
That booty is your finest asset
Can you see me
Goin manic
Now you gone and got all frantic
Can you hear me
Through the static
I used to chomp on that pussy like a basset
Can you hear me
Through the static
Can you hear me
Through the static
Track Name: Fama
Shit im back to where I started
But it just seems to me a little bit lack of hearted
These days are gettin' darker than black permanent marker
It seems to me like
People gettin regarded over gettin retarded
Or some other type of garbage
Look back at the heroes of hip hop
This shit is not the soul of Biggy or Pac
Got the rhymes cocked, ready to drop lyrical dos and do nots
Like do do rock
And do stay hot
But do not flock
To every new new Bach
Get off the cock
Of the "new new Pac"
There's no new Pac
Only wannabe knock
So knock it off
Cause rap is an art
And I wanna be on top
Lookin down at the bott
So I'm looking for my daily dose of

Lookin for my daily dose of
Lookin for my daily dose of
Lookin for my daily dose of
But can't find my daily dose of

Down down
Up up
Left right
Left right
There is no contra code to life
No extra tries
No unlimited life
no extra lives
Try try that's the only way by
You give up now, you're refusing to fly
By and by days go by
we fry and cry
And lie and buy
Expensive shit that don't solve this
Shit we ain't dealing with
Built up anger on top of some ancient sentiments
Were all sentient
And that's got me bent
Because I intend to be the best
At making sense outta senselessness
That's all they're sayin these days
Brotha my soul is spent
And I ain't got no more spirit to lend
I'm just lookin for my daily dose a


I could give a rats ass
Said Fame
I could give a rats ass
But fame
I could use some cash
Said fame
I could use some cash
Rising star?
Shit maybe
I ain't gonna say shit except man wait and see
Young Copper selling out the NYC
Maybe in time it won't all be a dream
I won't be struggling to pay these fees
I won't be struggling to make ends meat
I'll just be
Mikey B, Young Copper
Sippin champagne starin at the sea
Track Name: Low
Wake me up in some other reality
I can't quite figure out who I am supposed to be
I need
Some guidance here
Some kinda angel to whisper in my ear
That I'm doing what I'm supposed to
That I've got some purpose to
My madness my
Careless actions
Have fuckin caught up with my bank transactions
I'm scrounging on change just to get a gallon at chevron
Something's been wrong
For too fucking long
Keep holding on
That's all I can do anymore
What do we gotta do anymore
To survive in this world anymore
I can't believe this place
It's disgraceful
Straight up painful

How low people can get
How fuckin pissed I am
I know it, I should be feelin cheery
People in this country got it so damn easy
Well I ain't never been much of the smilin type
More of the quiet tyke, used to hate the outside
Now I'm a bit more talkative
But a bit provocative
Shoutin like chewbbaca did
I'm way too loud
I'm too damn proud
I'm sick of dealing with these hipster bitches
Who are "lost and don't wanna be found".
What the fuck. Why we on a date then
Why the fuck am I payin eight dollars for your meal then
Fuck ya then, I ain't hearing your whiny bullshit
When it comes to these bitches I feel I should just fucking quit
Track Name: Lions vs Wizards
Oh look here we go again
Coppers got a new track talkin bout women
Damn right I ain't through yet
This is only track six we ain't through betch
I been on one, I been on two
There ain't room in here for you and your plus two
Fat ass friends and they're KFC
THC is reason number three
I can tolerate you, behind those nice boobs
And that new bmw
There ain't much there, with that long blonde hair
And your daddy's checks with all them pairs
Of zeroes that been paying for ya
Tuition and that third nose job
Keep a mask on
That shits ready to fall off
Ugh, like Michael Jackson in South Park
That shits straight gnar
Bitch get it off

I ain't gotta be your man now
I ain't gotta know you're plans now
I ain't givin' no hand outs

Used to puff puff by the ounce
Dream of a pound just so I could drown
In a sea of smoke to forget the hoes
Maybe get a boat and drown them hoes
Stranger tides you are now tuned in
Have you started to question what you're listening
To? Nah, the music's pretty cool
But this copper guy has some crazy issues dude
Fool, i am a little trippy though
Hippity hop down the yellow brick road
Punch Dorothy in her mouth, steal toto
Shit on the wizards front lawn and go
Number 1 on the tin mans hands
While the cowardly lion pisses his pants
They said that cats don't dance
Well Ill make that bitch dance with a 9 in my hand till his bitch ass can't stand
Track Name: Wide Awake
Had a bad week oh dang
Molly all on my brain
Shrooms all in my system
This shit all done
Got me all undone
Fun for the unsung
Folks of this generation
Voice to the tons of
People who love their
Ganja and them bad ones
Them bitches who know what's fun
Fat buns and pierced tongues
Tattoos of machine guns
Wanna come use my drugs
Bitch better know what's up
Bitch betta be D Cup
Bitch betta keep me up

Got me wide awake
Got me wide awake
All these bitches man got me wide awake
Drugs got me wide awake

Goin in like Danny Brown
I've lost my damn mind
This mojo that I found
Man it's killin it this time.
The worlds gone up in flames
Light a blunt with that shit
The worlds all a game
And we all the players in it
Hit me like a ton of bricks
This bitch done knocked me sane
No jokin you tokin
I smokin you blowin
I snortin you floatin
I'm gone in you lost in the
Damn that was a mouthful
Youthful as fuck and I won't regret it
Coppers the name and don't you forget it
Track Name: Griffith P.O.
It's been a long time since I
I saw your face.
I never thought I'd see you back round this god dammed place.
The days are killing me
And obviously
Their killin you just as quickly

I don't believe in god,
And I never believed in luck
Fuck this shits nuts though
So your
Back up in my life with no kinda notice
I'm being evicted from that place of coldness
I felt soulless, until you hit me up
And now your back up in my shit again
Back to bein friends
Lend me your mind, cause I'm lost as hell
Bells are rattling the walls of my mental
Don't be gentle, tell me to my face
Do those five years even matter these days?
Baybay I miss those old days
At Griffeth park, those old dates
With those old plays I'd pull to make you stay
Or so I thought

Back to the start of things
Back when I thought I'd put that ring on it one day
Life is fucking crazy in it's ways
I was thirteen then
Way back when
When we'd sit and pretend
We'd be together till the end
Life ain't that god damn nice
Before it bites it acts all polite
With hopeful eyes so full if lies
You told me this is it
You told me you're mine
And I was wrong too
I said things I didn't mean to
And I let one thought fuck it up
Track Name: San Manuel
We goin in
Embracin sin
Track Name: '09 October
Up late nights again
God dammit all this kids got is a couple of friends
Nah motherfucker, that's family in my head
All I need is a pen
Or at least somewhere to jot scribble and bend
These words to any will I command
Fend fend for yourself
That's right they said it fend fend for yourself
Everybody else
Claimin they help
When in turn all they want to do is make it a hell
To live in this grand old country we built
Our grand old country of guilt
Centered in west Palmdale
United under what?

What you been up to man, how you been?
What university did you get into?
Fuck you, I hate answering that shit
And that's no fault of yours I'm just
Not too damn proud of where I'm at right now
Sometimes I wish I could start over
Take it back to 09 October
Just so maybe I could find some closure
And look over, why I got colder
Why I froze you with my cold shoulder
But I'm bolder now
I can admit what I did was pretty goddamn lousy
I'm done being rowdy
Hopefully you can see that
Track Name: Mission Beach
Do you remember
Long time ago when you said
That would never ever ever ever stop being friends
Well, I do
And I'll remember that till time stops for me
And I'm buried in some unnamed cemetery
Hold on
Don't ever look back
Don't you ever look back
When it all fades to black
Who's in that mirror looking back

This is crazy
I just drove 350
Miles just to see quickly
It came and it went but I still did it
And I'll never regret it
I thought I'd forget it
I thought I'd forget ya but I didn't
You were still that girl that I knew way back when
You're still that girl that I loved way back then
You render me at lightning speed
Suddenly I feel like I'm finally free
Of all the chains, and all the pressures
All the pains, and all the pleasures
You're the only pleasure that I need
Best believe
That I need
Someone please
Shut this bleeding heart up!
Oh my bad, I didn't mean to preach it
I just had to put some soul on a track teach it
To myself, that life ain't no mystery
It's the good and the bad, future and history
Track Name: Rodelo's Riff (Interlude) (Feat. How.words)
Goddamit I'm 20 years old
And sometimes I just don't feel alive no more
I been searching for substance
Since my parents abundance of younguns
Ran around the house just hungry for Funyuns
But it's nothin
That grown man type of numbness
That goddam feelin of wantin lovin
But hatin the something
She been trying to put in
Your life
Like why
Like why
Should days be this dark
Fuck if I know
And it blows
But it's the life we as people chose
Darker roads
Stranger tides
It's our life
Quit your bitchin
Quit your cryin
Quit your lyin
Quit your tryin
Man up little lion
Get those riches
Get those diamonds
Said man up little lion
Quit your cryin
Quit your bitchin
Track Name: Hov Said It First
Now I ain't been rappin for a lotta time
But I know I got some kinda talent for putting words into formation
Like a seven nation army
Like bitch, get on me
Like bitch, you want me?
Wha? Well you better know
copper only got one love to show
And its these beats
It's the words up in between these sheets
It's the life I always dreamed to lead
Its an unlimited supply of weed
But shit, you gotta fend for yourself
I don't give a fuck about what others will sell
And fuck yeah I still love fl
I gotta get out there, fuckin give em hell

Fucking give em hell
Time will tell
Coppa you the man
Or just a tall tale
Did you fail
Or did you score some tail
On the trail up to the top
You lookin pale
What you rail
You on that coquina game of bail
And bump all the tail in the club and
Get them girlies all a rubbin
Their- eww
What the hell you talkin bout
What the fuck you on
Nothin but a little weed
Some shrooms and that LSD

I was raised on Pac and rhcp
That kinda music that makes you wanna see
What it really is like to stand and be
On top of the world, king of the number three
Rock from the sun
Rappins too fun
I'd rather have this than any other type of drug
My friends don't even bump my shit
But fuck it
That don't bug me one bit
If I make music for other people than might as well get my throat slit
This is me, on the track
Mikey b, from the back
To the front, people jump
To the front people jump

Jump baby
Right on this dick
Don't forget that my brain is sick
Even with the meds they tried to give
I ain't got better
But the music has
Helpin me get off my ass
Is these voices in my head
Telling me to go and grab
The Winchester
And murder every hipster from here to Westminster
You fuckin hipsters make my fuckin stomach curl

Hov said it first, ill say it back
Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black
Hov said it first, now we're going back
Maybe you'll love me when I fade to black
Track Name: re:People
This ain't a love song
Don't get it wrong baby
This is a song for the memories
We made together
As a group
Of people
People brought together to better ourselves equal
People that were being raised told that
Together with the people
That we spend our lives with
We could conquer all the evil in the world
And I forgot that
I started to fight back
Against the currents of the past
Instead of lettin em flow
Damn I know now
Now you're doin your thing somewhere far away
And I just want you to know,
You're doing great
I ain't told that to you enough

Da da da

I remember once
We were all at the house
You were in that hot ass blouse
And I was just lounging around
Tokin hopin maybe that you would
Join me
Or maybe tell me that you loved me
That was before all that
That was before you said fuck it to the world and got all packed
And moved
And it's the best thing you could do
Cause now boo, look at you
Things are good for the both of you
And me
I'm doin alright
Got this album coming out that I'm mixin right
And hey look, you're even mentioned in it a couple a times
I'd name the track after you, but where's the surprise?

It terms of fear I'm really only scared for all the people I hold dear
That includes my fam, grandma momma and dad
All my brothers who want so bad
Their dreams, goddamn
I respect that
Cause it's hard, for all involved
But I'm also frightened that my friends won't evolve
That they'll stay stagnant,
But I have faith that their planes are landing
And soon they'll be seeing a
New place, like Brandon and Selena
Noah T and Amanda
Brooklyn and Dana
Everyone I know, I'm so damn proud of ya
Track Name: The Hound (Interlude)
Look back, remember
All those times we spent together
All those corny ass tv shows
On that brand new gloss black vizio
Way back when
When we were watching all those shows on on demand
And we were sittin eatin donuts with our friends
Still hungover from a night of partyin
With Jose and a little Morgan
But it's boring
Tellin this story front to back fourteenth fucking time
So ill sum it up in a couple lines
It was cool, but now you blow lines like dimes
You ain't guilty of no fucking crime
Except being so damn closed minded
Yeah I fuckin partied at your house
Yeah we fuckin partied at your house
Ain't nothing changed except what you say
I ain't the best guy
But I try,
And you just cry.
Track Name: (strange)
Last track
You know we gotta send it off right
Coppa killem

Guess who back from the beginning of time
Coppa is here to spit this last motherfuckin line
Use this time to spit this one last motherfuckin rhyme

I been on stranger tides
Been so damn high off Vicodin and smoke I
Can't even tell left from right

And I stay on my broke shit
Motherfuckin bk rodeo shit
That you bet we eatin at primos type shit

But fuck it, ain't no harm in that
At least our souls intact
And our minds,
Well at least they know how to act

To each new extra ordinary
Other worldly

I been through galaxies
Extra planetary
Seen the world to be
As fucked up as the last transformers movie
(That shit blows)

I am a thriller
Laughing like the joker off the painkiller
The thrilla in vanilla

Old bitches keep hittin me up
I'm like no bitch nah I don't wanna fuck
But I'll let you suck me off while I raise my monk
In Azeroth

Six months of my life
Gone into this album
Then it's on to the next one
on to the next one

Yeah, I'm jacking styles
No originality in the hip hop pile
And I'm racking up miles
On the chevy trying to see her smile

Mission beach, I'll never forget
Get it now, this is an album of regret
And to beat regret you gotta be the best
moral of the story kids take that to your parents

Puffin on green
Broke ass team
Fire so rad you would call that shit mean